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Charity Christmas Cards with a difference.

With so many Charity Christmas cards on the shelves right now, multi pack after multi pack and with prices from £1.99 upwards, why bother with a personalised bespoke card which in comparison costs so much more?

Beside the fact that the donation amount that goes to the charity is far greater in comparison to the donations offered in multipacks, (see our previous blog post here) sending a personalised Christmas card means that you can truly ensure that the card is personal to the recipient. Each card can support its own cause allowing you to support the charity closest to the recipient’s heart. Making it truly personal.  You can support multiple charities in one order ensuring that all close relatives and friends are catered for.

You can send cards that are completely unique with name personalisation on the front and add your own special message inside- Turn your own artwork or child’s artwork into a card. Personalise cards with photos that capture family memories, Personalise with your own festive quote. These cards can become keepsakes and lasting gifts.

Our online editing tool makes creating your own personalised Christmas card quick and easy.

A personal card with a truly personal touch. Unique and thoughtful. Personal to the extent that you even dictate how much you donate to the charity. The cost of the card is separated from the donation you make ensuring transparency with every purchase. And if you wish to make a donation instead of buying a gift this year our personalised editing tool allows you to change the wording so that your recipient knows that this is the case.

Not sure if the recipient has a cause close to their heart? Donate to a cause that you personally are passionate about. We offer a new way to support and highlight the good work that they do.

So don’t just send out a charity Christmas card from a multipack this year, choose an individual personal card.  A card with a personal design, with a personal message, donating a personal amount to a personal cause , which come together to create a unique card …. with a truly personal touch.