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New In ! Corporate charity card packs now available

Knowing that many businesses opt to send Seasonal cards out each Christmas, we are pleased to announce the availability of corporate charity cards available in packs of 25-250.

Sending out the annual Charity Christmas card has become not only a tradition in the Corporate world but more importantly a way of letting your customers, client’s, investors, employees and suppliers know that they are important to you and valued. It speaks volumes and can do a great deal to  strengthen business relationships.

Here’s a reminder of the benefits of sending out corporate cards this Christmas.

  1. To simply to say THANK YOU. In keeping with the sentiment of the season the most important reason to send out a card is to show your appreciation to your clients for their business and support over the last 12 months- after all they chose to use you over numerous other competitors.
  2. Secondly  to promote customer loyalty. Not only will a card demonstrate that you value their custom it’s a nice way to get in touch and opens the way for potential conversation, maintaining, promoting and strengthening the working relationship.
  3. Thirdly to enhance BRAND AWARENESS a branded card keeps your brand and name out there.

Why choose a making a difference card?

So we've established that sending out cards is a simple gesture that could make a difference to your relationships and to your brand. A making a difference card has an added bonus. It makes a difference to a good cause Charity.

People receive hundreds of cards each year. Stand out and choose a card that distinguishes itself from the crowd. Renowned as the cards for good causes our uniquely designed cards will differentiate you from your competitors.

Making a difference cards are personalised cards, charity cards,  cards that are easy to create but hard to forget. Do well by doing good.