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Given up on sending Christmas cards?

Have you given up on sending Christmas cards? Can’t see the point of them in today’s digital age?

With the rise of social media there appears to be an entire generation that see no point in sending out Christmas cards. Their main reasoning behind this is that they are in regular contact with most of their friends, family and work colleagues through Facebook, texts or twitter. It’s so much easier and cheaper to wake up Christmas morning and type a generic greeting that will go out to everyone.

The question to ask ourselves is this - to participate fully in the spirit of Christmas, do those we care about not deserve a little bit more? Maybe at this time of year we should be letting people know that we care enough about them, as individuals, to send a personalised greeting.

A bespoke card is an excellent way of saying hello, not only to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while but it can also be a nice surprise for someone you speak to regularly or even see daily. If you make your card personal with a special message, the words you write have the potential to make a difference to someone’s day. A personal card can put a smile on their face, not only on the day they receive it but for many days after.

"In today's 21st century consumer living, where time is in short supply, sometimes a card, a card that you have taken the time over, can touch a heart more than a gift".

In fact it could be said that cards are good for the soul - not just for the receiver but also the sender. The act of choosing, writing, and sending a personalised card, as well as the act of the receiving one creates a special memory, a memory which in many cases will last long after the card has either been packed away into a storage box or gone into the recycling box.

As Christmas draws near, let us remember that Christmas is all about personal interactions. It’s about memories, recollecting them and creating them. It’s about connections. Lets celebrate these memories, these connections. Send a personalised Christmas card this year and show someone how much you care.