RNLI asked to be removed.

We're sorry, we can no longer offer to take donations for RNLI

You could always support one of our other Rescue & Emergency charities below:

Cornwall Air Ambulance Logo Extra Gifting Available

Cornwall Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance flies more than 700 lifesaving missions each year throughout Cornwall and the isles of Scilly. Cornwall Air Ambulance is on scene on average in just 12 minutes in mainland Cornwall and less than 30 minutes on the isles of Scilly. It does not receive any government support for these missions and relies on the generosity of its supporters.

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Registered Charity No: 1133295

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Kent Surrey And Sussex Air Ambulance Logo Extra Gifting Available

Kent Surrey And Sussex Air Ambulance

The Kent, Surrey And Sussex Air Ambulance Trust (KSSAAT), helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) aircraft operates 365 days a year from our two bases. Each aircraft is crewed by at least one experienced pilot and a minimum of one doctor and one paramedic, who are trained in advanced pre-hospital care, which gives them the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and stabilise critically ill and injured adults and children.

Gift Aid your Donation to Kent Surrey And Sussex Air Ambulance

Registered Charity No: 1021367

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Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) Logo Extra Gifting Available

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA)

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) saves and improves lives across Scotland every day. Taking expert paramedic care to the scene of time-critical emergencies, SCAA relies 100% on donations from the public to fuel its life-saving service

Gift Aid your Donation to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA)

Registered Charity No: SC041845

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The National Emergencies Trust  Logo Extra Gifting Available

The National Emergencies Trust

The National Emergencies Trust’s main aim is to be trusted to work collaboratively to raise funds fairly and efficiently at a time of a large scale domestic disaster.

At the time of a domestic disaster, it will launch a fundraising appeal, allowing the public to donate to one clear, independent and trusted organisation, rather than a multiplicity of brands, thereby limiting confusion.

Gift Aid your Donation to The National Emergencies Trust

Registered Charity No: 1182809

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance Logo Extra Gifting Available

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent charity providing a life saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across Yorkshire. We fly seven days a week, 365 days a year, covering a vast landscape that not only includes major cities and motor ways, but also rural and isolated locations.

Gift Aid your Donation to Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Registered Charity No: 1084305

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Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue Logo

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CAMSAR) is the lowland rescue unit covering our county we are a specialist team, called upon by police in the search for vulnerable missing people: a child, an elderly person living with dementia or even someone who is considering taking their own life.  

Registered Charity No: 1118622

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East Anglia Air Ambulance Logo

East Anglia Air Ambulance

Helicopter emergency medical service (hems) covering Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Our crew comprises specialist pre-hospital doctors and critical-care paramedics, operating out of two high-tech helicopters. We aim to provide the best possible outcomes for people unfortunate enough to be involved in incidents or medical emergencies.

Registered Charity No: 1083876

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Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Logo

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance is a helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS); providing a free life-saving service for Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. It costs in the region of £500,000 per month to keep both helicopters flying and cover all charitable costs.

Registered Charity No: 1108989

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Firefighters Charity Logo

Firefighters Charity

Whether injured, ill or in need of psychological support to come to terms with the life and death situations they face on a daily basis, we exist to support the everyday heroes of the UK fire community. Our support programmes include rehabilitation, recuperation, psychological & nursing across our 3 centres. We also offer local assistance.

Registered Charity No: 1093387

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North West Air Ambulance Logo

North West Air Ambulance

NWAA is a helicopter emergency medical service and a charity that provides care from the air in North West England. We need to raise over £4.2m each year to keep this vital service operational and saving lives!

Registered Charity No: 1075641

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Scottish Mountain Rescue Logo

Scottish Mountain Rescue

Scottish Mountain Rescue represents 23 volunteer mountain rescue teams (including 2 search and rescue dog associations (SARDA) and Scottish cave rescue) with over 800 volunteers. There are also an additional 3 police teams and 1 RAF team.

Registered Charity No: SC045003

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Wales Air Ambulance Logo

Wales Air Ambulance

Wales Air Ambulance is the official air ambulance service for Wales. We are on standby every single day of the year, ready to help anyone in Wales during their most difficult hour.

Registered Charity No: 1083645

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