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Staying ahead of the rest

Building on our solution that offers a straight forward way for donors to support a charity through the simple act of purchasing a bespoke personalised card or e-card. Our latest new features now allow your donors to make the personal even more personal!

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Making the personal even more personal!

Sending a personalised card or e-card to a loved one creates a memory - imagine what memories could be created by attaching your own video or audio message to that card...

Well, now with Making A Difference Cards your supporters can.

Expanding our solution to be truly unique and pushing card and e-card innovation further - we now offer you the ability to upload a personal message.

With the ability to view or listen to the message within our site or download it for prosperity we think this is a 'magical' experience and the recipient is also presented with a full 3D rendition of the personalised card they received, as the wrapping to the gift - opening up a way to "be there when you can't be there" and sending a personal message with the card to mark the occasion.

For Charities ...

Save your supporters from having to leave your site - using our system you can now request the facility to embed your personal portal directly into your website.  We had been thinking about the best way to encourage a greater amount of donations and the obvious answer was to create a way to simplify the donor's experience.

As from today, you can have a fully functional card and e-card solution directly within your own website, with minimal branding - we provide a small 'powered by...' footer. Other than that your visitors can now personalise, buy and donate via our greetings cards without leaving your site.

One hundred percent of our site's functionality is provided... for free.

Not forgetting...

This year we have been extremely busy - adding more card designs over an increasing range of categories, taking our selection of cards to over 900 and based on customer feedback, we introduced a whole new concept for e-cards - making them truly personalised cards, no different to the ones that would pop through your letterbox.

And, we added the first revision of our digital dashboard where charities can log in and view details of donations received, view monthly reports and also download HMRC compliant ODS files for filing Gift Aid claims. This data is available in realtime to ensure our commitment to full transparency with you.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 223 0454 or email